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ACADEMIC WRITING: Integrating Grammar into Basic Writing Skills

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Academic writing covers primarily knowledge of grammatical features necessary and required to develop writing skills. It emphasises the mastery of knowledge of fundamental grammatical features and their usage and application to writing. The materials have been organized in such a way that enables the learners to gain proper knowlegde and concept of English grammar, and be able to use the correct grammar in the writing academic and scientific essays.This book is suitable for those who intend to develop writing skills, particularly students of the English departement, academic scholars, and those whose jobs are related to writing a report or article in English.


Being good at written English, beside spoken English, constitutes a dream of every learner of English as a Foreign Language, particularly in Indonesia. Some students have often devoted their time to do anything to acquire this writing skill. Nevertheless, their gains are not always satisfactory; some students are even feeling very frustrated as their efforts end up with no significant improvement. My interviews with a number of Indonesian learners of English in regard to the difficulty in English writing skill imply that grammar constitutes one of the most prominent language components they need in writing. They frequently make ‘choppy’ and inaccurate sentences due to incorrect use and some missing grammatical features. Their sentences are often not understandable, unreadable, and even meaningless. Therefore, equipping the students with sufficient knowledge of fundamental English grammatical features in context prior to developing their grammatical mastery into writing skill is likely to be salient. This book, Academic Writing Book 1, is an integrated part of a three – book series intended to provides learners of English the knowledge of some fundamental English grammatical features and their application in writing. Hence, to gain better writing skill the learners are encouraged to possess and gradually learn all three books.

Sources: http://hartoyo.wordpress.com/category/books-published


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